Fire & Smoke Restoration

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Our Professional Restorers use a Four-step Process to Remove Odors

What our trained, certified, professional fire and water restorers will do upon arrival on site is to identify and document all affected items and surfaces and the source of any odors.

We know that the only way to properly clean smoke, fire and water damage is to be extremely thorough.

Fire and Smoke Restoration Process

Below outlines the details involved in our odor removal process.

STEP 1 – Odor Removal

Remove the source of the odor, if possible, including unsalvageable debris that contributes to odor generation and recontamination of cleaned and deodorized areas.

STEP 2 – Cleaning

Clean salvageable surfaces and items to physically remove odor-causing residue like soot and ash.

STEP 3 – Neutralize Remaining Odor

By using a odor counteract-ant, and in the case of smoke, we create a deodorizing fog or gas that seeks out and combines with odor-causing substances.

STEP 4 – Seal Salvageable Surfaces

Seal salvageable surfaces that are inaccessible or slightly scorched, not only for aesthetic purposes, but primarily to encapsulate odor and prevent progressive recontamination.

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